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Merlin, a dear friend of mine, recently told me that nowadays you could record a whole album with just an iPad (and we all know he's right). And when you're done you can go on and design your own art work with this thing. 

A few days later, he has sent me a cover he made for The New Cool (with his iPad, of course). And it's adorable, isn't it? I file it under «fan art».

Also, it's obvious which one is the new cool duck, right?

But in the end it isn't just a cover, it's all about those questions: Are we going to have a CD soon? Or is the EP the new CD? Is Vinyl worth the wait (in Switzerland you'll face a waiting time of at least six months, so you'd have to be well-organized)? 

Also: How will the recording be done? In a proper studio? In our bedrooms with notebooks on our laps? I mean, you could also do recordings in a tent in the backyard of your parent's house, as Connan Mockasin did when he created «Forever Dolphin Love» (at least he claims it in this interview and I love to believe it).

Whatever and however, we are working on our new world order. And hopefully it will become part of yours too.



PS. Merlin is also Brut Bastard, a Barcelona based musician producing songs in his livingroom. Check his sounds on Bandcamp. 

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The New Cool am JKF

Last Friday we played Jugendkulturfestival in Basel and somehow managed to take a bandpicture in front of the Tinguely-Fountain (thank you, René!).

All in one we had a blast in Basel and now feel strengthened to play Das O in Spiez (with our friends from Dirty Purple Turtle) before we start our recording session. 

Join the ritual and check out The New Cool 2015 as next year it won't be the same anymore. 

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Dachstock Impressions

Our friend Jan Holger Engberg took the Dachstock stage with The New Cool and shot some dreamy pictures.

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Gigs & New Tunes

We fiddled about new tunes and wrote a soundtrack to the doom. You can come and listen to it, we are going to be on stage soon. 

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Videoclip release for "49o4"

Today is not only the day we are releasing our new videoclip for the song "49o4", no, we also start this humble blog as we do not owe any profile on a social media platform. 


We present you our new (and actually first) videoclip made by our beloved friend and film director Roger Fähndrich. We consider this short movie to be poetically beautiful with an artistic freshness. It was inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks (what's new, I know) and Clemens Klopfenstein's (a Bernese filmmaker) magic work from the year 1979 named "Geschichte der Nacht" (best translation would probably be "Story of the Night"). We were inspiried by the scenes he shot all around Europe and only at night, holding the camera quietly in his hands.


So this is our version of it. Make us happy, watch it and hopefully it will make you happy, too (even though people told us it had something scary about it).



Read also the German official statement on our new video:


Liebe Menschen

Wir haben es wieder getan: Einen Film veröffentlicht, der die Marketingabteilungen von Plattenfirmen verzweifeln lassen würde. Aber eben: Wir, The New Cool, haben (noch) niemanden, der die Vermarktung für uns macht - und sind bis dahin sehr glücklich mit unserem low-budget (also eigentlich no-budget)-Ergebnis, das von Regisseur und Kameramann Roger Fähndrich realisiert wurde. Er hat unser Lied "4904" in ein poetisch-düsteres Bild gesetzt und die Bandästhetik mitgeprägt.


Inspiriert von "Geschichte der Nacht", dem Werk des Berner Regisseurs Clemens Klopfenstein, sind wir in einer Februarmontagnacht durch Berns Strassen gezogen und haben unsere eigene Version davon erschaffen. 

Merci Clemens für die Inspiration und euch, liebe Lesenden, für einen Blick auf unser Werk.




Sängerin & Marketingabteilung The New Cool

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